Adult Friend Finder gets me laid again by a hot plump assed blonde, thank you!

August 12th, 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my Adult Friend Finder online Dating experiences, so I’ll post a update of one of my recent Dates.

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This weekend I was feeling bored after work and I didn’t have any plans for the night.  I decided to sign into my Adult Friend Finder account and see if there were any girls online in my area.  So I send out a few messages to a few different girls online.  About an hour later I get a response from this cute blonde that says shes looking for something to do tonight.

Of course I didn’t waste any time arranging for her and her friends to come over my house for a bbq.  We exchanged numbers and I got on the phone with some friends of mine to come over and bring some alcohol, so we could get the party started!

While all that was going on I was still chatting with her over and thats when she sent me some recent pics.  Check one out right here..

adult friend finder sexy jenelle

Then right before she was leaving with her friends she sent me another picture from her Adult Friend Finder account…

adult friend finder plump butt blonde

So Jenelle and her friends came over and we got smashed!  Dude her friends were even hotter than she was.  My boy Marcus was all over that though.  This girl was a true freak.  Shes one of those cute girls that are fucking nymphos and they just want to fuck every guy they meet.  So after a drink or two I had this bitch on the coffee table taking off her clothes.

Needless to say I fucked that girl all night.  Only thing that sucks about this whole incident is this girl from Adult Friend Finder wont quit calling my fucking phone.  If I have any advice for you guys joining it is if at all possible don’t give up your phone number lolllll.

Anyway, I’m going to quit talking and recommend you check out Adult Friend Finder today if you want to get some tang!

Looking for real sex? Meet someone tonight! hooked me up with this hottie Vanessa! Check out the pics I took thanks to Adult Friend Finder!!

June 13th, 2007

Alright so I started off the evening searching some local hotties at Adult Friend Finder Adult Personals. After 10 minutes and 10 messages later I got a promising response from a local chick! Check out the pic I got of this cutie after we met up at the bar. Vanessa

So yeah she was looking good! We hung out all night dancing and drinking at the local pub. And she actually has some really cute friends I wouldn’t mind hooking up with. really came through again. I mean if that picture isn’t proof enough Check out this picture I snapped at my pad before we got romantic.

Adult Friend Finder before sex

So thanks to Adult Friend Finder I had a great and very successful night!  It was truly awesome that this chick and her friends showed up even my boys had a good time.  So what are you waiting for check out tonight and tell your friends about it.  You dont’ have to be a model to get laid by models you just gotta talk to them on Adult Friend Finder!

Looking for real sex? Meet someone tonight! weekend update with local adult hottie Monica!

January 29th, 2007

Thanks to I met this gorgeous local adult hottie Monica.  We talked for a couple days on Adult Friend Finder before we decided to meet up at a local hot spot for a bite to eat and some drinks of course.  But before I get into more details I should show you a pic of this cutie I found on Monica

So anyway we had good conversation at dinner about her going to school to become a nurse and how she came across and shit.  So things were going good we decided lets have a good time and grab some drinks, dance, and whatever.  There was karaoke at the bar and grill that night so that was entertaining.  Anyway after were both pretty liquored up there was an obvious attraction so we just took it to my pad.  Soon as we get in the front door this chick pounces like a fuckin cheetah getting a gazelle for dinner.  Thanks to I think I found myself a new friend!  You can bet your ass I’m going right back on tonight to find me another local hottie.  I’ll check back in in a couple days to let you know the status with that.  Until then go check out Adult Friend Finder tonight!

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Met a couple chicks at got some dates for the weekend!

January 26th, 2007

Ok so I signed up at first thing I did was search for some adult local hotties!  Sent about 20-25 messages to random women in my area.  Thinking this shit was going to be a sham I didn’t expect much.  I checked back the next day at and what do you know 15 new messages in my inbox!  Adult Friend Finder shocked me.  Who would have thought a normal guy like me could catch the interest of 15 local adult hotties?

So I started writing back at Adult Friend Finder and narrowed it down to 2 good looking girl next door type honeys.  So thanks to it looks like I have a couple Dates set for this weekend.  I’ll be writing about it this weekend to let you fellas know how it goes with Adult Friend Finder.  Stay tuned hopefully more good news from my Blog.

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My journey into online adult personals dating at

January 24th, 2007

My journey into online Adult Dating. Hopefully this mission at leads me into the beds of hot local beauties all from adult Dating. I am going to Adult Friend Finder and I am going to sign up for an account, fill out my information, and hopefully get laid by some local hotties thanks to Adult Friend Finder.

My name is John David, I’m 23, and this is my real life journey into online Adult Dating at to hopefully get me laid. So stay tuned and hopefully we’ll all enjoy my future female Dates and Dating experiences with Adult Friend Finder. man

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